Energy Management 

Energy costs in Australia have risen in recent years and CNC Design is always looking at ways to bring energy efficiency to its solutions 

The Siemens SINAMICS S120 drive portfolio with Active Interface & Active Line Modules has the ability to be used in Power Conversion Infrastructure (PCI) applications. These features can be used in industrial applications to incorporate alternative energy sources, e.g. solar, and energy storage, e.g. batteries.

Typical reasons to incorporate energy storage include:

  • Reduce peak load
  • Supplement incoming grid supply
  • Buffer against an unstable grid, e.g. brownouts
  • Provide a means of safe stop in case of power loss

The Active Interface & Active Line Modules that create a so-called Active Front End allows for energy flow both as a traditional drive system but also with the ability to regenerate with low harmonics and manageable power factor.

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