CNC Design converting Large conventional machine tool to CNC technology

Customer: Acumat Australia

End User: Deep Hole Drilling Specialists (DHDS)

Industry: Machine Tools

Project: Large Machine Tool Retrofit

The challenge

CNC Design, in cooperation with our long-term business partner Acumat Australia, worked closely with the team from DHDS to modify an existing conventional (non-CNC) machine tool to meet current production requirements. In this project, a conventional machine tool from the reputed Japanese machine tool builder, Shin Nippon Koki (SNK), was converted to CNC technology and adapted to suit the needs of the customer for high productivity, ease of operation & reliability.

SINUMERIK ONE, the latest high-end CNC platform from Siemens, was the choice of control, offering all the latest technology for milling and drilling, including ShopMill interactive programming support, and safety functionality.

The end user

Deep Hole Drilling Specialists (DHDS) is a Melbourne-based company specialising, as the name says, in drilling deep holes for large parts used in general engineering, mining applications and aluminium smelters. The manufacturing process of large parts requires large machines. And in this case, specialised machines for high-powered material removal and deep hole drilling.  

Why CNC Design?

Mr. Steve Donald, the Managing Director of Acumat Australia, describes the cooperation with CNC Design in the process of retrofitting this machine:

“CNC Design and Acumat have been working together for over three decades in retrofitting large machine tools. This is another project where the cooperation worked seamlessly. With CNC Design taking care of all topics related to the electrical design, hardware component selection and software development for the machine tool control system, and Acumat doing the mechanical transformation for this machine as required for full CNC control.”


We have had CNC Design (in cooperation with Acumat) complete numerous projects for us. Like all previous projects this one has been a success. The team at CNC Design have been great to work with. They fully understood our requirements and once again they have proven their commitment to ensuring a successful completion to the project regardless of the challenges faced."