#19 OneSteel Roll Lathe Retrofits

The Customer

OneSteel has a significant presence in Australian steel as an integrated manufacturer of steel andfinished steel products. OneSteel is Australia’s premier manufacturer of steel long products and is a leading metals distribution company in Australia and New Zealand. The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of steel products including hot rolled structural sections, rail, rod, bar, wire and structural pipe. OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks includes structural rolling mills, rail products facilities, slabs and billets, steelmaking by-products and Roll and Tackle service shops.

The Challenge

The location, the very busy schedule of the roll lathes, the complexity of the parts and the very short installation for the CNC new systems were big challenges when retrofitting the large Waldrich, Froriep and Toshiba roll lathes. These important machines were updated with state-of-the-art current technology: the latest SINUMERIK controller and SINAMICS drives, with common Operate system software and ShopTurn interface.

Why CNC Design?

Mr. Oliver Rosalia, technical services leader of OneSteel Whyalla describes the cooperation with CNC Design in the process of upgrading their machines: “Complete customer package: When planning the upgrade of the Waldrich lathe in our Roll Shop, CNC Design took care of the electrical design, hardware components selection, project planning, software changes and drawing updates. On site work was carried out by CNC Design Electrical and Engineering personnel working closely with OneSteel’s Electricians and Technicians. Project plan was followed to ensure work was completed and commissioned in full and on time. CNCDesign’s thorough understanding of our process and equipment was a significant advantage in the successful upgrade of the lathes with no interruptions to production schedules.

The Result

“The Team approach: Success during recent upgrades all hinged on CNC Design working with OneSteel’s maintenance and operations personnel to achieve the desired outcomes. CNC Design ensured everyone was involved in the planning, installation, commissioning and training. After service support was all part of the deal as operators identified minor changes and enhancements in the following weeks after completion. OneSteel sees CNC Design as a vital partner in the support and upgrades of its CNC machines for now and the future. Implementing emerging technologies and equipment optimisation go hand in hand to ensure our lathes are at the fore front of operational capability. It is reassuring to know that CNC Design share our vision to have modern reliable equipment to ensure our stringent production targets are met. A partner we hope to have for years to come.”

 CNC Design Case Study 19 OneSteel Roll Lathe Retrofits