Maag Gear Shapers

Maag SH gear shapers are robust & accurate machines built in the 1970s & 1980s

While the mechanical synchronisation was state-of-the-art 30 years ago, today a modern CNC can do these tasks.

Based on this CNC Design has developed MAAGCut as a package to convert Maag SH250, SH450, SH600 & SH1200 to today’s CNC standards or operational efficiency & reliability.

The MAAGCut solution includes:

  • SINUMERIK 840Dsl with 15” Operator Panel + MAAGCut HMI
  • SINAMICS AC digital drives & SIMOTICS AC digital motors
  • New electrical cabinets & operator panel
  • Replacement of leadscrews with ballscrews
  • Electrical & mechanical installation
  • Optional Features: Milling Spindle for roughing of blanks, On-Board Measuring, C Axis Rotary Scale, Bed Extension & Servo Steady Rest.

Since 2008 CNC Design has completed more than 12 Maag conversions on all model variants from SH250 to SH1200. This has included customers in: Australia, USA, Japan & South Africa.