Gearbox Testing 

GEARTest is a proven turnkey solution for the full load testing of industrial gearboxes for operation critical segments

Such as:

  • Mining, e.g. conveyors & heavy equipment
  • Wind Turbines
  • Oil & Gas, e.g. high speed compressors
  • Marine, e.g. propulsion systems

​Utilising Siemens SINAMICS S120 Active Front End drive technology GEARTest is an energy efficient system that consumes only the system losses from the incoming supply. This is typically 20 ~ 25% of the test gearbox power rating. The remaining energy is recovered and recirculated / regenerated with low harmonics & manageable power factor.

GEARTest is available in power ratings up to 4MW with Low Voltage (415VAC or 690VAC) and >4MW with Medium Voltage.

The core package of operating system, data logging, reporting, drives & motors can be complemented with: Motor Mounting Modules, Drive Shafts, Floor Plates & 3rd Party Motor / Gearbox Assembly Testing.

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