Machine tools for steel manufacturing and complete automation for steel manufacturing and processing lines

CNC Design has extensive experience in machine tools specific for steel manufacturing industry like roll grinders, roll lathes, roll measuring and non-destructive roll inspection systems.

Using our vast experience in motion control and automation, we are working very closely with our partner (Bronx) in projects related to steel processing lines (coating, galvanising, painting).   

Processing lines

Complete automation systems for steel processing lines (galvanising, painting, coating) and subsystems of steel processing lines (tension levelers, etc).

Roll grinders

CNC Design has extensive experience in complete retrofits for roll grinders in steel industries. During many years of activity in this field we have retrofitted roll grinders from all major manufacturers of such machines: Toshiba, Pomini, Herkules, Waldrich, Farrell, Wuhan and many more.