Siemens is the world's leading automation, drive systems and motion control provider, holding the majority share of the world market.


We believe in the quality and reliability of Siemens products - having worked with them for over 30 years - and have developed strong relationships with key Siemens developers and engineers in Germany.


Building on 150 years of experience, Siemens invests 4 billion Euro in research and development every year and employs 360,000 people in over 100 offices worldwide. You can be assured to get the latest technologies from a trusted supply source.

The scale of their operation allows Siemens to back up their wide range of products with worldwide support and service. Even after product obsolescence, you can rely on a further 10 years of support.

  • Siemens Products

  • CNC and PLC Controllers

    CNC and PLC Controllers

    Designed to optimise production, minimise cycle time and reduce waste, Siemens controllers are powerful, fast, reliable, accurate and user-friendly. While Simotion products are ideal for production machine automation, Simatic is tailored to factory and process control and the Sinumerik range is perfect for machine tools.

  • Human Machine Interfaces

    Human Machine Interfaces

    Rugged and reliable human machine interface devices allow you to control and monitor every machine task. The Simatic range includes pushbutton panels, operator panels, touch panels, and panel PCs. Together with Siemens’ WinCC SCADA system they provide a complete suite of visualisation products.



    Siemens drives, motors and gear reducers can be integrated across the entire product range using Siemens user-friendly configuration tools. Products include AC and DC variable speed drives and motors, servo and spindle drives and motors, and a wide range of low-backlash gears.



    SIEMENS's SIMOTIC motors offer a wide range of motors to suit every motion control application. The 1FT7 and 1FK7 servomotors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors with very compact dimmensions fulfilling the highest demands on dynamic performance. The 1FN3 and 1FN6 linear motors provide an optimally tuned linear direct drive system for the requirements of modern mechanical engineering. Built-in 1FW6 torque motors are complementing the direct drive solution for rotary axes. For main spindle motors, SIMOTIC family offers a wide range of asynchronous and synchronous 1PH8 motors, built in 1PH2 asynchronous and built-in 1FE1 synchronous motors and also the high speed motorised spindles from 2SP1 range.


Simotion: D410, D425, D435, D445, D455, C240, P320, Scout. Simatic: S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, Step 7, TIA Portal, Profibus, Profinet, ASI, ET200, PP17, OP177, OP277, TP177, TP277, MP277, MP377, WinCC flex, WinCC, S5-100U, S5-115U, S5-135U, S5-155U. Sinumerik: 810, 820, 850, 880, 840C, 802C, 802S, 802D, 810D, 828D, 840D, 840Di, 802Dsl, 840Dsl, 840Disl. Sinamics: G110, G120, G130, G150, S110, S120, S150, 1FT7, 1FK7, 1PH2, 1PH7, 1PH8, 1FN3, 1FN6, 1FW6, 1FE1, 2SP1, SIMOGEAR, MOTOX, Starter, Sizer. Simodrive: 611A, 611D, 611U, 1FT5, 1FT6, 1FK6. Simoreg: 6RA70, 6RA80. Simovert: Masterdrives, MC, VC. Micromaster: 410, 420, 440.