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SINUMERIK 802D Software Version 2

The new digital 802D CNC control completes the economy end for the Siemens SINUMERIK family. It has been designed with the view of easy operation and low price, while maintaining the modern features of today's CNC control systems such as digital drive interface, graphic simulation, shop floor usability and compensation for machine errors.

SINUMERIK 802D is available for controlling turning and milling machines with up to four axes and one spindle. The simple machine interface and integrated S7-200 PLC, makes it an ideal control for OEM’s manufacturing economic lathes, milling and drilling machines as well as for retrofitting older machines. Commissioning and set up is graphically supported and very easy.

A typical machine package includes the 802D CNC System, 611U AC servo drives, 1FK low cost servo motors and 1PH spindle motor. 802D can also be used with simple inverter spindle drives.

Currently, the new software version of SINUMERIK 802D has been launched as a effective response to customer feedbacks all over the world. This would put SINUMERIK 802D in precise position at which the customers are expecting their compact machines to be. For the endusers, this will mean ease of operation and programming and ease of maintenance (if we can not call it as maintenance free). For machine tool builder this will mean ease of set up and commissioning. On top of all those features, SINUMERIK 802D is really a digital CNC controller at competitive cost.


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SINUMERIK 802 software version 2 will be having following additional features:

  • CNC Features
    Auxiliary spindle possible (option TRANSMIT / TRACYL)
    Tool life monitoring (option)
    Part programs on PC card
    Increased number of look ahead blocks
  • HMI
    Ready for automatic tool probing for milling
    Contour section programming
    Spindle load meter display
    Enhanced simulation
  • PLC
    Onboard ladder display
    Increased number of user alarms
    Selection of part programs by PLC
    PLC teleservice (option)
  • Onboard help system (already available since SW 1)
    Full operator manual in English language is on board
    Help is context sensitive so topics are found quicker than on paper
    German language can be installed from toolbox CD ROM
    Further languages available on request (e.g. Thai language has been generated in cooperation with local colleagues)
    Machine tool builder can include own functions such as M codes
  • Part program selection by PLC signal
    Part programs can be called directly by custom keys on the machine control panel. Now the operator can save the time or possible confusion of selecting them via the program manager
    Also useful for automation solutions with automatic palette changer


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