CNC retrofit for machine tools is part of our core technical expertise.

Complete mechancial and electrical re-engineering for large and complex machine tools is our main speciality. This includes also conversion of large conventional machines to CNC technology, machine relocations or complete reconditioning.


Complete re-engineering, mechanical and electrical for CNC machines includes: re-design and re-fit for all transmission for machine axes, electrical re-design and installation, software development and machine functions adapting to end-users specific needs. 


CNC conversions

Complete mechanical re-design of axes transmissions to suit CNC control (new ballscrews, rack-pinion transmission). Design and install direct measuring systems for axes (linear scales, rotary encoders/scales). Complete re-design for electrical control system.







Complex machine relocation around the world. Mechanical and electrical complete service including machine levelling, alignment, start-up, calibration, functional test, adaptation the specific conditions of the new locations.


Custom made add-ons for machine tools: rotary tables, milling heads, etc. Complete design, manufacturing and integration to suit each application.