The Güdel Group is a manufacturer of high-precision machine components and a supplier of sophisticated automation solutions. The company's product range encompasses linear tracks, racks, pinions, transmission systems, linear modules and gantry robots. Güdel products are found in complete systems with intelligent control capability for use in the following industries: automotive, tyre, metal, railways, intralogistics, pharmaceuticals, wood, renewable energies, aerospace and aeronautics.

Why we work with Güdel

We believe in the quality and reliability of Güdel products - having worked with them for over 10 years - and have developed strong relationships with key Güdel developers and engineers in Switzerland.

What Güdel can do for you

Güdel Group engineers are continuously researching and developing new marketable mechatronic products in the highly productive field of automation technology. Development projects range from components for linear and drive technology to robots and complex system solutions. The work of Güdel development teams is highly practice-oriented.

  • Components


    Various mechanical components for motion control

  • Modules


    Modules for automated handling systems

  • Handling systems

    Handling systems

    Complete part handling solutions.


Modular linear axis with belt drive (MLB): MLB-1, MLB-2, MLB-3. One axis linear modules (EP): EP-1, EP-2, EP-3, EP-4, EP-5, EP-6, EP-7. Two axes linear modules (ZP): ZP-1, ZP-2, ZP-3, ZP-4, ZP-5, ZP-6, ZP-7. Three axes linear modules (FP): FP-1, FP-2, FP-3, FP-4, FP-5, FP-6, FP-7. Three axes linear modules (CP): CP1, CP-2, CP-3, CP-4, CP-5. Linear traversing axis - trackmotion (TM): TM-40, TM52, TM-72, TM-72HD, TM-90, TM-90HD.